Getting started with Twitter: When to tweet

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According to statistics, there is around 62,000 tweets generated every minute which means there’s a great chance your post will get in the sea of tweets. Therefore it is critical to understand when your audience uses Twitter and when to tweet to succeed.

In order to understand the best times to tweet, you need to understand your audience first. Do your thorough research and answer the following:

  1. where in the world your audience is,
  2. what social media platforms they use and how,
  3. what time they check them (and what time to tweet).


There are few ways to find the necessary information on your audience and build insights.

First of all, if you’ve been on a Twitter for a while and build a sustainable following, check your Twitter Analytics. On the top bar navigate to the Audiences tab where you will find all the information about your followers. This will help you identify where your biggest following is. You can also navigate to the Tweets section and analyse which tweets brought you most views and engagement and whether they fall around the sale time of the day.

Secondly, use your Google Analytics to understand where in the world your audience is and what times are most popular to visit your website.

Make sure you also check what your direct competition does. Analyse what time of the day they post and which tweets bring them most engagement. Are they posted around the same time? I would also recommend going beyond your competition. Try looking at what other businesses (like restaurants, tour operators, local entertainment) and big brand that attract similar customers to yours.

Lastly, do some simple search and read the research and case studies about best times for tweeting.

When to tweet

Coschedule has done an in-depth research and according to them the best times to tweet are around lunchtime (between noon and 3 pm) as well as 5 pm. They also advise testing early morning hours when people are getting ready for work, so between 6 and 7 am.



How often to tweet?

According to another research from Coschedule, the optimal number of tweets per day is 15. ‘That’s a lot of tweets’ you might think. If you want to be noticed, you need to be where your users are when they are there.

how often to tweet

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