Getting Started With Twitter: Your Profile


So you want to be on Twitter but you don’t even know where to start? Start with the basics – your Twitter profile is ultimately your business card and highly contributes to the traffic that comes to both your channel and your website.

Your Twitter Profile

This is an equivalent of your business card in the Twitter world. You have to keep it short and sweet, yet engaging and informative

Profile picture

Let’s start with the basics – people are visual so your Twitter profile picture is as important as the content you share. You cannot be a great brand with a boring picture, just like a hairdresser cannot have a bad hair day.

Your profile picture represents who you are so make sure it is:

  1. High resolution (400x400px)
  2. Refers to your brand, includes your logo or emblem that’s recognisable as your brand
  3. Avoid including extensive text and small font

Profile layout


You can edit your Theme Color on a desktop by clicking the ‘edit’ option. It gives you the opportunity to use your custom colours on buttons and tabs. Simply type in your HEX colour when prompted.

Header Photo

This photo goes on top of your Twitter profile, similarly to Facebook’s cover photo and it gives you an opportunity to promote your location, causes, mission, and current campaign or reflect on important events.

Profile Description

This is your opportunity to get creative using 160 characters (including spaces). You don’t have to use them all – sometimes the less is more.

What works? Be specific, yet intriguing or entertaining. And if you can make it about your customers – the easiest way is to talk about what it is that you do that betters their lives. Your starting point can be your mission statement or mantra as that’s what truly represents you.

Be also smart about it and include keywords people would use to discover your profile. These could be ‘hotel’, ‘resort’, ‘bed & breakfast’, ‘holidays’, ‘vacations’, location and alike. If space permits – include a call-to-action too.

To top it all, make it easy to read to. Use separators – commas or full stops are the easy go-tos but you can also get creative by using other special signs, for instance: |,  <, >, -, ~.


<My hotel> <3 you. We put you at the centre of what we do to help you create unforgettable memories

<My brand name> is more than just a brand. It is more than just a hotel. <brand name> is a lifestyle/an experience/an answer to your prayers. Explore more.

Creating unique experiences for the avid travellers. Come to X and let us

<My brand name> is the synonym of ‘home’

Inspiration at every step of your journey. We are X.

Location. If there’s a number of properties you are promoting under one account, set the location to ‘Global’ or ‘Everywhere’ or something short and creative.

Website. Make sure you also add a link to your website. You’ll be surprised by how many people come to your website from Twitter. To keep the people on your website send them somewhere specific like your blog, press room page or newsletter sign up page.

Use a custom link or url shortener to make the link playful (I.e

Getting Verified

According to information on Twitter FAQ page accounts of a public interest including businesses can request to be verified, however as it stands the process is paused. For the latest updates on it, check this Twitter account.

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