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We help brands like yours increase your revenue, brand awareness and market presence through targeted, personalised and easy-to-implement strategies.


Digital Marketing

We know how overwhelming the ever-changing online world can be. We are here to help you optimise your online performance and provide you with best practices to improve it – both through paid and organic channels.

Agaia is all about innovation

Marketing Strategy

Whether it is attracting new customers, optimising your sales channels or simply staying ahead of your competition we have the strategy and planning covered for you.


Social Media

Reach your potential customers in the most effective way – by combining insight with the right creative content.  We will help you boost your online engagement, manage your reputation and find the partnerships that will work for you.

Agaia - PR & Content

Content & PR

Every product or service needs the right story. We will not only help you shape your content plan, but we will also guide you in getting the right information out – in the most suitable format and to the most suitable news outlets.

What Does It Mean In Practice

  • Market research & analysis
  • Channel & target market conceptualisation
  • Persona building
  • Brand positioning
  • Tools  set up
  • Loyalty programme review and set up
  • Omni-channel marketing strategy
  • Content planning and implementation
  • Website optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Pay per click (PPC) & display advertising
  • Affiliate marketing & remarketing
  • Social media management
  • Reputation monitoring and management
  • Team training
  • Best practices & DIY guides

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