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Web and App Evaluation

STA Travel

Travel booking service, STA Travel, has been working on their digitalisation of services to match with their young and digitally-savvy customers. I was tasked with an overview and analysis of their website and app services to see where they could improve and use digital as their sales channel in future

sta travel logo

ASO Evaluation

Leappy Dog Game, Smaker App

During my time at Google Play, I have worked a lot with local publishers who, oftentimes, struggled to meet Google Play’s ASO criteria and needed support with optimising apps and games they publishes to boost their visibility and reach. As a side project, I have helped few app and game developers by providing them with an app store optimisation and improvement plan to help them bring their products up to Google standards.

Website & Service Evaluation

FAHR, Inaika, Hudson's House

I have provided a thorough feedback on governmental website and its usability to help improve services and UX of English speaking visitors.

FAHR Evaluation
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