About Me

Hi, I am Aga

I am passionate and strategic digital, growth, eCommerce and marketing professional on a mission to make this world a better place in a user-friendly and ethical way.

With over a decade of a diverse international experience working across commercial, product, growth and marketing roles with a variety of businesses from entrepreneurs conceptualising their ideas to global corporations and governmental bodies, I have focused on creating successful go-to-market strategies and scaling businesses on, oftentimes, shoestring budgets.

I am passionate about businesses with a mission to make this world a better and more accessible place and put integrity, sustainability and digital innovation at the forefront of their work.

I am skilled in strategic planning, product management, eCommerce development, business intelligence, 360 degree marketing with a focus on digital, market research, innovation and technology transformation as well as soft skills including building strategic partnerships, negotiations and business development.

What I specialise in

Marketing Strategy

Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.” – Bryan Eisenberg

Understanding your audience is the first step to business success and data and research-based marketing strategy is what can get you there therefore it is of utmost importance to prioritise your know-how.

I specialise in go-to-market strategies, 360-marketing, communication and content strategy, brand and product positioning, customer segmentation, partnerships and digital channel optimisation.

Digital & eCommerce

From setting up eCommerce businesses and digital channels from scratch, to managing digital transformation, to scaling global eCommerce platforms, I have been heavily involved in improving user experience, scaling and optimising business performance through strategic planning and creating online experiences focused on user acquisition and retention.

I focus on helping businesses understand and improve their online performance through strategic guidance and mentorship as well as UX driven product roadmap and digital strategy.

Startups & Growth

Getting ideas off the ground and scaling a business can be an overwhelming task. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs lack the bandwidth and expertise to successfully prioritise and project manage their business to achieve their goals.

With background in growth, marketing, business development and product management I help businesses get to their next stage through thorough mentorship, strategy implementation or simply by being their sounding board.

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