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Meet Agaia

Agaia was created out of love for digital, innovation and marketing. We stand for helping inspiring small businesses and startups manage their growth and brand awareness through research-based marketing and tried-and-tested tools that help with growth strategy implementation.

We offer a range of services varying from mentoring, to marketing and growth strategy, to funnel optimisation, to brand positioning, to PR  and marketing and social media management and much much more!

What We Love

We are all about helping businesses improve their customers’ lives and make this world a better place. Whether you run an eCommerce platform selling goods, a service provider offering home improvements, an inspirational coach or an entrepreneur looking to make an impact, we are here to help you reach the right audience and use the right tools without breaking a bank.

What we love:

  • Businesses with a vision or trying to define themselves
  • Authenticity and integrity
  • Innovation and digital space
  • Sustainability and environment
  • Creativity and brainstorming
  • Data, data, data
What we love
Make an impact

What We Offer

  • Affordable marketing services and business solutions
  • Supporting small business to help them achieve their goals
  • Effectively managing your marketing so you don’t have to 
  • Using the latest and bestest technologies to save you time and many
  • Wealth of marketing expertise across various industries
  • Creative and research-based marketing strategy
  • Bringing results at a fraction of a price

What Drives Us

- Mission

We want to support entrepreneurs and independent businesses in getting their idea off the ground, putting it in front of people that would benefit from it as well as adjusting their businesses to current market needs and trends.

- Vision

We are on a mission to help businesses make an impact and diversify the market offering by providing them with affordable marketing solutions to be visible to their audience – online and offline.


Our Focus

Agaia is innovative
01. Mentorship & Strategy

Are you stuck with your business idea and don’t know where to start? Have you got everything it takes but you just lack the time and skills to launch a successful marketing campaign? Or maybe you just need new scaleable solutions and ideas?Our team, equipped in expertise, skills and tools is here to address your needs.

Agaia prioritises customer success
02. Customer Success

A happy customer is your strongest marketing tool. We will help you improve customer experience and communication with your brand by identifying your strengths and areas with room for improvement and helping you optimise your them to create long-lasting customer relationships and help you achieve your goals.

Agaia is all about innovation
03. Innovation & Optimisation

Specialised in marketing technologies and eCommerce and truly passionate about the ever-changing digital world, we bring our skills and expertise to help your business succeed at scale. We will help you identify your pain points and opportunities and help you optimise for success.

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